11 Weeks

Yay! 11 Weeks!

One week away from the end of the first trimester!

B is in Florida for the rest of the week with the campus ministry he works for. I would have loved to go and work in the kitchen for the week but the 24+ hour van ride would have been miserable for me and for everyone else with me. I can only imagine that I’d be asking to stop to pee every 30 minutes.

Thankfully, they left late enough last night to avoid the tornados through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. Our hearts go out to those hurting after the storms.

Since I had an empty house, I spent the day at my parents’. Their house is always interesting with 3 kids and two dogs. Mom and I ran to the fabric store, dropped my baby sister off at a bowling birthday party (random side note: the boy whose party it was is the oldest child of a girl I went to high school with who she had when she was a senior in high school), converted one pair of normal pants into maternity pants and hemmed that one plus another one. I got both pairs from the clearance rack at Target so spent about $12 on each. Cheap maternity wear for sure! I’m getting to the point where none of my normal pants will close anymore and belts are impossible. The stretchy waistlessness of maternity pants is starting to look better and better.

My littlest sister is 110% sold on having a niece or nephew. She gets excited every time we talk about it. She asks me every time I see her if we’re having a boy or girl. I have to keep reminding her that we won’t know until after she comes back from Florida for Spring Break. That buys us a few weeks but honestly, I’m really excited to find out too!

The appointment on Wednesday went well. We heard the heartbeat first. The baby sounds like a train! It felt like it took the nurse FOREVER to find it. I’m pretty sure I cut off the circulation in B’s hand from squeezing so hard but she said that it didn’t take long at all. I was also informed that, oh, by the way, you get a full pap and pelvic exam during your appointment. It always takes me a while to mentally prepare for that kind of appointment so I was taken by surprise. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to happen but it definitely wasn’t that; however, the OB I was seeing that day was the one I saw last June so I figured I’d at least try to ask to skip it. He was totally on board with not doing the pap and pelvic (thank goodness!). He checked my chart, saw that everything was normal in June, and said we were done! I don’t know if he would have been as willing to skip it if he wasn’t the person who did it but I am grateful anyway. Now to do some research to find out what kinds of things I should be expecting at my 14 week appointment!

Since B is gone this week, I’m expecting excessive worrying about his wellbeing and going to bed really early all week. Throwing up has become part of my normal life but am still hopeful it will go away soon. We shall see. Only one more week of progesterone! My lady parts are quite excited about this.


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