(Almost) 15 Weeks

14 week check up went well. I got to meet the third OB at the practice (there are 5) and he was the one that delivered my friend’s baby last year and he is her favorite. He was just as wonderful as she said! We had a great time talking about Disney World and refiguring exactly how far along I was as of the appointment. Based on possible dates of conception, we’re going with the new week starting on Tuesday, so even though I considered myself 14 weeks last Saturday, for accuracy’s sake, I’m switching to Tuesday.

If you are anything like me, you’re wondering what all happens during these prenatal appointments. I had no clue going in! Other than the first appointment (10 week pap and pelvic exam), I’ve peed in a cup, been weighed, the nurse takes my vitals (heartbeat, blood pressure, etc) and then we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat! Baby is hanging out slightly to the left of center if center is my belly button. The heartbeat sounds like a mix between the whoosh-whoosh of a washing machine and the chug-chug of a train.

I’m healthy as a horse (according to the doc) and although I haven’t gained any weight yet, I shouldn’t worry. My mom didn’t gain any fat-storage weight with either my brothers or myself and weighed almost the same leaving the hospital after delivery as before she got pregnant. That in mind and the fact that I’ve always been very small (my parents had me tested when I was young to make sure nothing was wrong because I wasn’t growing!) might mean that I only gain 15 or so lbs over this entire pregnancy. The doc assured me that he has seen plenty of healthy babies who developed in a similar environment and were completely normal. I’m eating healthily and not exercising too much (that will never happen!) so just to keep doing what I’ve been doing. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been trying to get B to finish editing the 13 and 14 week photos so I can post those but we might skip right to 15 weeks. I think I still want to take the photos on the weekend since neither of us are available when the light is good during the week.


14 Weeks

I’m feeling… off today. My stomach has been sensitive, I have a headache, and I’ve randomly fallen asleep twice. I haven’t been able to keep much water down today, which I know isn’t helping the situation any.

B was gone for part of the week and got home around midnight last night. It made no-alarm Saturday even more awesome to have him there when I woke up.

In spite of still feeling like crap, I still got two loads of laundry done and watched about 3 movies. It makes the weekend that much better.

As I walked into the office yesterday, one of my coworkers stopped me to congratulate me about the wee parasite and also to tell me that she is about 10 days less pregnant that I am! I think she said her due date is October 5. I now know 3 other women who are all due within 1-5 weeks from me. Like most everything, it’s good to have someone to talk to about how nasty you’ve been feeling.

I have my 14 week checkup on Monday morning! I don’t know if I’ll schedule it this month or next month but we’re only about 5 weeks away from the big revealing ultrasound, should our child turn out to be enough of an exhibitionist. I can’t wait!


13 Weeks

I can honestly say that when this part of the story started, I didn’t think I’d make it to 13 weeks. Remember when you were in your early teens, maybe 13 or 14, how 18 sounded so old? Now, looking back at 18, I cannot believe how much of a kid I still was. That’s where I feel I am with this pregnancy. I’m pretty impressed I made it to 13 weeks, solidly in the second trimester, but 18 weeks sounds so far along! We’ll be able to find out the sex of the baby then. I’ll likely not fit in more of my clothes by then. We’ll only be a few weeks away from our Disney trip. Then I remember how fast time has gone since I was 4, 5, or 6 weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to handle waiting a few more weeks to be that “old.”

I felt pretty good for most of the week until the weather got gorgeously warm and all the green stuff started sprouting and making my allergies flair up. In truth, it may not be allergies but just a regular cold. I can’t decide which one I’d prefer. With a cold, I know that it will eventually go away. With allergies, I know that how I feel right now is the worst it’s going to get. Either way, with my sinuses all clogged up and more junk running down the back of my throat, I’m back to where I was during weeks 8 and 9 where I gagged constantly. Oh well. Worse things can happen.

I have to cut myself off because I just got a call from friends of ours who are driving across the state this morning for a bridal shower this afternoon (that I’m going to as well) and wanted to stop by when they get to town. Ahhhhh! House is a mess! I’m off to shower, paint my toenails (it’s supposed to be 79 out today!), and vacuum everything.

Enjoy your Saturday!


12 Weeks

First trimester (almost) under my belt (or lack of, since I haven’t been able to wear a belt for weeks)! I don’t know whether or not to consider myself done with the first trimester at the beginning or end of week 12 but either way, I’m pretty much there.

This week has been very quiet since B has been gone. We’ve been fortunate enough to talk on the phone every day and text on and off throughout the day. The group is on their way home right now. They stopped for dinner not too long ago in Georgia. They drive through the night, catch breakfast in either northern Indiana or southern Michigan before the get home sometime around lunch. I am ecstatic to have him home again! I married him for a reason and that reason is not for him to be in Florida for more than a week.

I’ve remained mostly healthy this past week. I’ve overeaten and made myself sick twice this week but other than that, I’ve been feeling pretty good. Food is started to sound really good all the time again, which is a blessing. I love to eat and I love to cook so feeling so awful for so many weeks made me pretty sad. I’ve been toying with the idea of calling my OB’s office to get an answer from them as to when I should worry about all of the random aches and pains in my stomach. Some of it is the result of constipation, some of it is the cyst on my right ovary, and I assume some of it is the fact this child is growing more rapidly at this point. I know I do get to stop taking progesterone soon. Once again, I’m not sure if my doctor meant stop AT 12 weeks or AFTER 12 weeks. I have enough to last me through most of week 14 so I’m in no danger of running out either way. I’m nervous about stopping though. What if my body isn’t producing the progesterone on it’s own like it should?

My belly has really popped out in the last week! I stopped by Motherhood Maternity last night after work with a gift card I got for free using MyPoints to buy pants. I found a pair of cute boot cut jeans that fit much better than my normal jeans with a hair tie around the button because there is less pressure against my stomach plus a pair of work khakis from the clearance rack. They claim that you should buy the equivalent of your pre-pregnancy size but there isn’t a whole lot of space for my hips to expand like I’ve been told will happen. If I need to buy more pants at some point, I won’t be out too much since my first two pairs were free. The two pairs I bought yesterday combined with the two pairs my mom and I worked on last weekend should hopefully get me through the next 6 months. Summer is coming and I have several dresses and skirts to make me more comfortable in hot weather. I have to buy at least two pairs of shorts before our Disney trip in May but I’m going to wait until we get closer, just in case my body shape changes a ton in the next 8 weeks. I found an adorable swimsuit from Kohl’s this week too so I’m getting closer to being ready for the trip!

When B gets back tomorrow, we’ll get to take my 12 week photo and I can’t wait to compare it to the 10 week photo. I know the difference will be pretty drastic! I’ll post it sometime this week after B gets a chance to do any editing necessary.