10 Weeks

Ta-dah! I’m still alive and kicking but I wasn’t too sure I would be at the beginning of the week.

I think my morning sickness peaked early in the week.I took about 18 hours off work with the only full day being Wednesday. My boss understands how horrible I felt since her daughter is about 3 months more pregnant than I am. By last night, I actually wanted to eat again and had real cravings! Supper stayed down last night and breakfast did too. I miss cooking so I’m very glad I might be feeling better soon.

As evidence of how lame my life has become over the past month, the biggest thrill of the night was a trip to Costco with B. We needed cat litter and since the bags are 40 lbs each, I had no desire to lift them in and out of the cart myself. While we were there, we scouted around for samples (veggie egg rolls, cinnamon rolls, tabouli on a whole wheat cracker) and looked for food that would both be nutritious and bland enough for me to keep down. We bought a huge bag of veggie straws, a double-pack container of loaded baked potato soup, a large deli Caesar salad, greek yogurt for smoothies, and the thing I was most excited for, a very big box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal. One of the problems I’ve always had with prenatal vitamins that contain iron is that they upset my stomach. This was before I was even pregnant so I wasn’t about to take the chance again. I found a variety that doesn’t have iron but then I was worried about becoming anemic, especially since I really haven’t been eating much (I might be the champion of pregnant worriers). One serving of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal contain 90% of a body’s daily iron intake! My doctor has been monitoring my iron level but told me to watch what I eat. This cereal should help!

Remember way back around week 6 we said we were going to start doing a weekly maternity photo shoot? Yeah, didn’t happen. B is headed off to Florida next weekend and won’t be back for 10 days so we’re going to sneak one week in today, skip week 11, and start again when he gets back the second day of week 12. I’m excited to do the photos, especially since I’m starting to have the slightest baby bump. Anyone else probably can’t tell but the button of my pants doesn’t meet anymore so I’ve started rubber-banding the pants closed. B has noticed too and is thrilled. He’s always maintained that he’d be quite happy if there was more of me, since I’m on the small side. Soon there will be a lot more!


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