7 Weeks

So, morning sickness caught up with me on Friday night. B’s boss took us out for dinner to one of the nicest places in the city. It’s on the 27th floor and had a beautiful view. The food was amazing and we had a great time until we got home and I lost everything I had eaten. Yesterday I felt fine until evening but today I’ve been sick all day. It is amazing to me how commonplace throwing up has become.

We have a huge party to go to tonight for the Super Bowl and I’m not sure how I’ll do with all that food sitting around. I guess we’ll see.

It occurred to us yesterday that I could quit my job after the baby is born and we could easily sell a car and be a one car family. We’d get rid of B’s Magnum since it almost never gets driven and my Saturn has plenty of space for the three of us. I might try to find a part time job I can work from home since we may have a few student loans left but we’ll reevaluate when we get closer to fall.

We also bought a pop-up camper today! I’m really excited because we got a good deal and we love camping. It’s a small Viking that sleeps 5 or 6 so more than enough space for now. It will be exciting to plan the awesome trips for this summer!


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