10 Weeks

Ta-dah! I’m still alive and kicking but I wasn’t too sure I would be at the beginning of the week.

I think my morning sickness peaked early in the week.I took about 18 hours off work with the only full day being Wednesday. My boss understands how horrible I felt since her daughter is about 3 months more pregnant than I am. By last night, I actually wanted to eat again and had real cravings! Supper stayed down last night and breakfast did too. I miss cooking so I’m very glad I might be feeling better soon.

As evidence of how lame my life has become over the past month, the biggest thrill of the night was a trip to Costco with B. We needed cat litter and since the bags are 40 lbs each, I had no desire to lift them in and out of the cart myself. While we were there, we scouted around for samples (veggie egg rolls, cinnamon rolls, tabouli on a whole wheat cracker) and looked for food that would both be nutritious and bland enough for me to keep down. We bought a huge bag of veggie straws, a double-pack container of loaded baked potato soup, a large deli Caesar salad, greek yogurt for smoothies, and the thing I was most excited for, a very big box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal. One of the problems I’ve always had with prenatal vitamins that contain iron is that they upset my stomach. This was before I was even pregnant so I wasn’t about to take the chance again. I found a variety that doesn’t have iron but then I was worried about becoming anemic, especially since I really haven’t been eating much (I might be the champion of pregnant worriers). One serving of Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal contain 90% of a body’s daily iron intake! My doctor has been monitoring my iron level but told me to watch what I eat. This cereal should help!

Remember way back around week 6 we said we were going to start doing a weekly maternity photo shoot? Yeah, didn’t happen. B is headed off to Florida next weekend and won’t be back for 10 days so we’re going to sneak one week in today, skip week 11, and start again when he gets back the second day of week 12. I’m excited to do the photos, especially since I’m starting to have the slightest baby bump. Anyone else probably can’t tell but the button of my pants doesn’t meet anymore so I’ve started rubber-banding the pants closed. B has noticed too and is thrilled. He’s always maintained that he’d be quite happy if there was more of me, since I’m on the small side. Soon there will be a lot more!


9 Weeks

I’m sorry I haven’t updated you all before now. I meant to write something but I haven’t had the energy this week.

The spotting stopped almost immediately after I noticed it on Sunday. We spent the day being lazy, which wasn’t too hard and I drank enough water to float a boat! I can’t say why I spotted in the first place or why it stopped so quickly but I’m not complaining.

This week went really quickly, for that I am thankful. I’m trying not to wish away the first trimester but am looking forward to the day I wake up and don’t start gagging right away. It’s the worst first thing in the morning and after I get home from work until I go to bed. It makes cooking dinner or making evening plans very difficult. It’s easier to not have an audience while being sick, you know?

I’m trying my hardest to make the food I do eat the most nutritious as possible. No junk snacks, just veggies or nuts. I still prefer to eat ramen or popcorn more than anything else though. It helps to eat often enough to keep my stomach full only up to a certain point. After that, it’s anyone’s guess if dinner will stay put or not.

B and I went to my 8 week appointment with the nurse at my OB’s office last Wednesday. We talked about our family health history on both sides and were given a huge stack of informational brochures. We didn’t learn anything new since we are both pretty avid googlers. The nurse took my “starting” weight (not quite accurate since I’m sure I lost a few pounds from being sick and not eating a ton), had a bunch of lab work done to find out thinks like STDs, blood cell count, etc. and peed in a cup for the first time so far this pregnancy.

My next appointment is on the 29th and it’s a big one. I believe I get to have another ultrasound. It will be exciting for B since he couldn’t come to the last one and for me too, since I can’t get enough of looking at the little peanut.

That’s about it for now.



I work up to some spotting this morning. As you can expect, this threw me through a loop because I had been feeling so good. The doctor told me what I already knew: bleeding can happen to anyone, relax today and drink lots of fluids and call if it gets worse. I had some pretty intense cramps last night but they felt more like I had eaten something my stomach didn’t agree with, not that something was wrong.

I am a step beyond terrified right now. I don’t want to ever live through that again.


8 Weeks

You don’t have to remind me how blessed we are to make it to 8 weeks in this pregnancy. We know; we praise God every day for this miracle.

I’m actually feeling pretty good right now. As more time goes on, I am more and more convinced that what I felt last weekend was more flu than morning sickness. The nausea only hits me now when my stomach is empty. I have to watch that I don’t go too long between meals.

This is so much different than my attitude toward eating any other time in my life. I love snacking, so much so that I have gained about 15 lbs in the last few years since I started my full time job. There is nothing like sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day to make you want to always have a snack at hand. I’ve been working for the last year to eat breakfast, lunch, a healthy mid-afternoon snack, and dinner at home, all with more whole food ingredients than processed.

Now, all that has changed. I can sense my attitude and stomach turning as soon as I hit the 2 hour mark since my last meal. I never want homemade soup, bread, or vegetables (except the rare occasion this week when I wanted carrots). I crave salt and quickly prepared foods. I have lived off ramen, microwave soup, and mac and cheese for the last week. Today, I had an egg and toast for breakfast, giant pretzel at the mall, piece of pizza for lunch, Dr. Pepper float (I know, strange right?), and beef jerky.  Good food and cooking is so important to me that feeling sick as soon as I walk into my kitchen is a huge disappointment. I’m praying the constantly starving time of the second trimester will come soon.

I had to return a coat to Kohl’s this morning and noticed about 6 80% off clothes racks in the baby and toddler area. How could I pass that up? We’re having a fall baby and by the end of September in Michigan, it can be really cold. All the clothes were fleece sleepers, sweatshirts, fleece pants, and a few Christmas outfits thrown in for good measure. I bought a light blue Winnie the Pooh sleeper, a sleeper covered with jungle animals, a snowsuit with reindeer antlers on the hood, a 3-piece snowman print set (onesie, bib and pants), a velour, candy cane striped baby’s first Christmas sleeper with a reindeer face on the bum, a set of 6 socks, and a blanket-bear hybrid toy. For all this, I paid $27! I hate paying full price for clothes int the first place so this made me exceedingly happy. Nothing cost over $4.80! It’s not necessary to be buying baby clothes right now but darn it, I can’t walk away from that kind of deal!

I found my first awesome baby-related craigslist score this week. I had been eyeing the Arm’s Reach Co-sleepers (they snuggle right up to the bed!) but couldn’t stomach the $160-ish price tag. I have a craigslist app on my phone that runs automated searches for me so if a certain item I’m looking for is posted, I will get notified right away. I was able to get the Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper Mini Convertible plus three sets of sheets for $50, a solid savings of at least $140!

I’m still tired all the time so on the weekends, I try to get things done in the morning. I had grand plans of cleaning the craft room/nursery, patching up scratched paint in the hall, and hanging some frames. After getting back from my morning errands, I crashed. I spent the rest of the day napping on the couch while B played video games. My goal is to make it to my sign language class on Tuesday after work. If I can get that done, I will be pretty pleased with myself.

Tuesday is also Valentine’s Day but since I have about 5 overlapping meetings to tire me out during the day, class after work and B has the weekly meeting with the college campus ministry, I doubt our day will be very romantic. I may try to make something while he is gone in the evening to surprise him. I have an empty 8×10 frame that needs filling so maybe I’ll find a simple printable artwork to fill it with and perhaps make some heart shaped rice krispy treats (his favorite dessert). We’ll see how the day goes, I suppose!


Cookies and Other Things to be Tossed

*heave* *bleh*

So, how is everyone else feeling? I’m still feeling really sick. After staying home to rest on Monday, I was able to survive a full day of work yesterday. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I was experiencing more than just morning sickness. It hit me much more intensely on Friday than just the general queasiness I feel now.

Food that sounds good: nothing. I’m staying alive drinking tomato soup and eating mashed potatoes. Apparently, one magical day, I will wake up feeling great again. I’m very excited for that day.

The cyst is still driving me crazy but I’m doing my best to ignore it. I know it’s not serious so I can pretend it doesn’t exist.


7 Weeks

So, morning sickness caught up with me on Friday night. B’s boss took us out for dinner to one of the nicest places in the city. It’s on the 27th floor and had a beautiful view. The food was amazing and we had a great time until we got home and I lost everything I had eaten. Yesterday I felt fine until evening but today I’ve been sick all day. It is amazing to me how commonplace throwing up has become.

We have a huge party to go to tonight for the Super Bowl and I’m not sure how I’ll do with all that food sitting around. I guess we’ll see.

It occurred to us yesterday that I could quit my job after the baby is born and we could easily sell a car and be a one car family. We’d get rid of B’s Magnum since it almost never gets driven and my Saturn has plenty of space for the three of us. I might try to find a part time job I can work from home since we may have a few student loans left but we’ll reevaluate when we get closer to fall.

We also bought a pop-up camper today! I’m really excited because we got a good deal and we love camping. It’s a small Viking that sleeps 5 or 6 so more than enough space for now. It will be exciting to plan the awesome trips for this summer!