Daring to Hope

My whole family knows now and were hesitant to be excited at first. I can understand why; things didn’t exactly go as planned last time. My mom calls to check in on me almost every day and jumps every time the phone rings at their house, for fear it’s bad news.

Yesterday, mom called me at work in the middle of the day asking what kind of baby quilt I want. It surprised me because just on Saturday she told me she’s trying to hold back her enthusiasm. Apparently she is starting to have hope too!

The quilt I picked will be done in 1930s prints and gender neutral with small farm animals appliquéd in the middle of each square. My hope is that it looks like a classic quilt more than a baby quilt but is still fun. I can’t say that is the only quilt I’m getting. Mom has had the stuff to make several for years before we were even TTC!

I’m so thankful things are going well so far (still crampy, no spotting) that I’m trying to celebrate every day that this is actually happening!


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