Holy crap, you guys! Another positive test! HOLY CRAP!!!

You all get to have front row seats to my first freakout of the next 8 months. I’m (wonderfully) off work today so I can spazz silently at home.

B is home (since he works from the living room) but is on a work call for the next 45 minutes. I bought one of these Dad’s Root beer cups and a dollar store pack of pacifiers when I was running errands this morning. Now I just need to figure out how to give it to him. I’ll let you know how things go!

I’m freaking out and super excited (how many of us actually think this moment will happen?!) but also terrified. I don’t want this to happen again. I am so, so scared.


I just found out a half hour ago that there is water leaking into the basement from below the fridge in the kitchen above. I guess I’ll have to put off telling B until he is done messing with the plumbing. (We already found the problem: the water line to the ice maker in the fridge has a rip in it)


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