How was your weekend?

We didn’t do much of anything this weekend, which is starting to be the norm. We watched a lot of movies, played games, thought about working on the kitchen (but didn’t), snuggled the kitties, rocked at grocery shopping (spent $36, saved $27!), sold a kitchen light on Craigslist, broke out brand new fleece lounge pants (like a hug for my legs!), and spent way too much time on pinterest.

We’re in the middle of the two week wait and it definitely feels like this cycle is taking much longer than previous ones. Maybe because I ovulated so late? Anyhow, just waiting and praying really hard that this is the month.

I keep thinking about all the awesome stuff I want to do for a nursery or photos to take or ways to tell the family but I can’t yet. We have several financial goals to reach before then and I’d love to clean out the craft room (future baby’s room). I keep hoping that if we start making plans like we won’t get pregnant, we’ll find out we are. We’ve decided that if we’re not pregnant by our anniversary in May, we’re going to plan a quick trip somewhere awesome like L.A. or back to Disney World (don’t judge!). A pretty good consolation prize, if I do say so myself!

I’ve started reading the Bible chronologically at the beginning of this year so I’m not too far yet but have read about 8 chapters of the book of Job. There are some amazing verses in there about suffering and waiting. I’m also loving the app on my phone that sends me a reminder message every day at 8:00 to read for the day. No excuses!

So, how was your weekend? Do anything epically awesome or accomplish something you’re proud of?


One thought on “How was your weekend?

  1. Oh gosh…I loved reading the bookn of Job…slap in the face a bit though, right? I was always the one to ask, “why me?” When clearly it’s not about me! Good luck on your chronological plan! I tried that a few years ago and never made it past Job so I hope you do better than me!

    And kudos on your grocery savings!

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