Good Mood

A few things have put me in a pretty good mood today.

– I finally ovulated on day 17. I was concerned that the clomid wasn’t going to work this month but maybe things were just moving a little slow?

– Planned sex isn’t always the best but thanks to Pre-seed (who have no idea I exist but I love them dearly), I’m not nearly as uncomfortable as in the past. Worth the $20!

– I spent New Years day with a small group of ladies with whom I’ve been in a Bible study (formally and informally) for the last 8 years. We spent 3 hours at a restaurant for breakfast then went out to one of their apartments to get her ready to move. They live all over the place now (CA, MN, MI) but we’re still close. It is encouraging to know they and their husbands are praying for us. They are some of the few who know our whole story and they love us no matter what happens. I’d be so lost without them!


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