I Am Not Resolute

It seems like everyone and their sister are posting their 2012 Resolutions but I don’t have much to write along those lines. The one thing that I would love to plan into my life this year refuses to be any sort of predictable so I will abstain from declaring any sort of plan.

B has a very elaborate goal setting and reviewing process at the end of every year. He goes over books he’s read, conferences attended, and the goals he set for last year, both personal and professional. Part of the process is to write family goals for the year and he always includes me. I found it very interesting that one of his goals was to be pregnant or start adoption process by December 1, 2012. I’ve let him dictate a lot of our baby decisions, since he wanted to move slower into having kids since the day we got married. Apparently, we have an end date in sight. There is a kind of power in being able to make a decision to stop, just because we feel like its been long enough instead of letting that be dictated by my body or his.


One thought on “I Am Not Resolute

  1. Good for you! I’m happy to hear that maybe his goals have brought you a little bit of peace. Having an end date in sight seems like a good thing. Personally I’m a fan of countdowns, especially when I’m looking forward to something being over (I did this with grad school! LOL…)

    So, for you….362 days until you make your next move! 🙂

    I hope 2012 brings good things for you.

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