6 Weeks

I don’t know if what I have can be called morning sickness or just a food and smell sensitivity. Overcooked coffee makes me want to run to the nearest bathroom and I can’t always make myself eat what I brought for lunch but I’m not feeling sick. We’ll see if that changes. There is lots of time left in this trimester to be sick.

Food that always sounds good: potatoes in any form, water, tossed salad with vinaigrette dressing, cottage cheese, hummus and pitas, and cheese.

I’m sleeping between 9 and 10 hours every night and wake up feeling like I haven’t slept at all.

My first OB appointment is 2 weeks from tomorrow. From what I’ve been reading on the internets, baby has a heartbeat and is almost 1/2 inch long. My uterus doubles in size by week 7 and I’ve started to gain weight (2 whole lbs).


Thou Shalt Not

… Eat blue cheese. Dang. This will be a long 34 weeks.

In other news, I’ve allowed myself to start buying maternity clothes (Target clearance!), diapers (we’re going cloth and I got them through the daily deal site Zulily for $10 each for 4 one size), and books (10 hardcover classics shipped for $17!). I’m going to find it very difficult to not drain the bank account on baby things. Must have self control!


Daring to Hope

My whole family knows now and were hesitant to be excited at first. I can understand why; things didn’t exactly go as planned last time. My mom calls to check in on me almost every day and jumps every time the phone rings at their house, for fear it’s bad news.

Yesterday, mom called me at work in the middle of the day asking what kind of baby quilt I want. It surprised me because just on Saturday she told me she’s trying to hold back her enthusiasm. Apparently she is starting to have hope too!

The quilt I picked will be done in 1930s prints and gender neutral with small farm animals appliquéd in the middle of each square. My hope is that it looks like a classic quilt more than a baby quilt but is still fun. I can’t say that is the only quilt I’m getting. Mom has had the stuff to make several for years before we were even TTC!

I’m so thankful things are going well so far (still crampy, no spotting) that I’m trying to celebrate every day that this is actually happening!


5 Weeks

Made it to 5 weeks! No spotting at all, just the same amount of cramping as earlier this week but I am less worried about that now than I was earlier. I was talking to my mom about it earlier this week and she said that it is completely normal! It has been a long time since anything in my body has been described as normal. I also feel like a balloon. It looks like I started to show already but I know that I’m just bloated. That is one of the few things that I remember experiencing last June. I’m already dangerously close to not being able to button my pants.

I reached five weeks today and I think we are going to start a weekly photo series tomorrow. In an act of faith, I bought five pieces of maternity clothing from Old Navy earlier this week. They had an awesome sale that was 30% off everything, including clearance prices. I paid $40 for five pieces of clothing, three of them were dresses. There is a light gray one that I will be wearing from now hopefully until next September for all of the weekly photos.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but B is a photographer by education. He works in marketing at his day job though he went to school for photography and is very, very good at it. We always knew that we may not have the coolest nursery or the hottest baby gadgets but we would have amazing photos. Our goal is to do something like this (found here):



So Far, So Good

So far, so good! I’m still feeling crampy but from what I’ve read, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Spotting and cramping would be bad. I don’t know how long I can expect the cramping to last so if anyone has an idea, drop it on me! I’ve been drinking a TON of water, which is supposed to help. I don’t know if it lessens the cramps or if I always have to pee so badly I can’t pay attention to anything else.

I remembered a few days ago, when I was on the phone with my best friend K, that my OB had suggested way back in July that the next time we got pregnant, that he wanted to put me on progesterone. Progesterone supplements during a high risk pregnancy prevents the uterine layer from shedding (which, of course, would mean miscarriage). I was expecting pills but it’s actually a gel… suppository. You have to put it… in. Not what I expected. It’s not bad though. Much better than a regular tampon. The side effects are supposed to include moodiness (can’t be worse than clomid), headaches (I already get those), and nausea (at almost 5 weeks, that is to be expected). I have to take it through the end of the first trimester.
We’re thrilled my doctor is willing to give it to me after only 1 miscarriage instead of the typical 3. We are also very happy we have health insurance. The no insurance price listed on the prescription was $524.00!


How Many Sticks are Necessary?

I’m not sure of the exact count, but I’m pretty sure I’ve POAS about 200 times in the last 3 days. Ok, maybe not that many, but I’ve used at least 3 different brands just to make sure one brand isn’t trying to dupe me into thinking I’m pregnant when I’m really not. I’m also not sure when this POAS obsession will end. I juuuuuuust want to make sure.

I told B after he fixed the leaky fridge on Monday. We had locked our younger two kitties in the guest room while the kitchen was ripped apart and while he was in there, letting them out, I walked in with his Dad’s cup. I handed it to him and it took him a minute to realize what the cup and contents might mean. After I confirmed it, he was ecstatic!

We have been slowly telling our closest friends over the last few days but haven’t told our families yet. I know we won’t put it off too long, just in case the worst happens. We strongly believe that the prayers and support of our close friends and family will make all the difference this time around.

I don’t remember being 4 1/2 weeks along last time because I didn’t even think to test until 5 1/2 weeks. Right now, all I feel is tired and a little nauseous in the morning when I first wake up until around 10 or so. I had my first of 10 ASL classes last night and could barely keep my eyes open. I went straight to bed after a quick dinner. Unfortunately, along with being super tired, is the inability to sleep through the night. We’ll see how long that lasts!



Holy crap, you guys! Another positive test! HOLY CRAP!!!

You all get to have front row seats to my first freakout of the next 8 months. I’m (wonderfully) off work today so I can spazz silently at home.

B is home (since he works from the living room) but is on a work call for the next 45 minutes. I bought one of these Dad’s Root beer cups and a dollar store pack of pacifiers when I was running errands this morning. Now I just need to figure out how to give it to him. I’ll let you know how things go!

I’m freaking out and super excited (how many of us actually think this moment will happen?!) but also terrified. I don’t want this to happen again. I am so, so scared.


I just found out a half hour ago that there is water leaking into the basement from below the fridge in the kitchen above. I guess I’ll have to put off telling B until he is done messing with the plumbing. (We already found the problem: the water line to the ice maker in the fridge has a rip in it)