Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a joyful and refreshing day, no matter who you are celebrating with or without this year.

We’re already winging our way via Dodge Jet across the state to visit with B’s extended family. We spent several hours with my parents and siblings already this morning, participating in the loud and overwhelming experience that is Christmas morning presents.

Hopefully the rest of the day is less stressful than I’m expecting. B must love me because he told me that we could just leave early tonight and drive home instead of spending the night since our floor installer is coming at 9 tomorrow. The installer has access to the house without us there but I love B for giving me the option.


Starting Over

We’re not pregnant but for at least today, we’re ok with that for several reasons:
I can use acne treatment products again
I can take hard drugs to get rid of my current headache
I can drink on Christmas, which I’ll need to cope with B’s cousin’s pregnancy
Most of all, the meds worked as they should this month!

We can try again in 2 weeks. It’s hard to explain how exciting having some identifiable cycle is to someone who has never had that problem.


Day 26

Still waiting around over here. Not going to lie, a small part of me will be completely crushed if we’re not pregnant but I have learned over the last two years that it’s not impossible to keep going in the hardest situations.

Work is very busy, our kitchen project inches forward. Life doesn’t stop.

We have a family Christmas party Sunday with my in laws. My husband never told his parents about the miscarriage in June but now feels like he has to bring it up so they know. Maybe I’ll find out we’re pregnant that day so we don’t have to? I’m kind of a chicken.


Still Waiting

We’re still waiting over here. Last time, my cycles were so off that I had no clue that we were pregnant until just shy of 6 weeks when I got too bloated to fit in any pants except sweatpants. The waiting is by far the worst part. I would bet that 99% of you would agree with me.

I haven’t been sitting around, twiddling my thumbs though. DH and I embarked on a complete kitchen renovation project Thanksgiving weekend. We are two weeks in an without a sink, cabinets or counters, and microwave but the thing I miss most are the floors. Not the actual tile, mind you, that stuff was gross but at least I could walk barefoot through the kitchen without risking a carpet staple through the foot. Someone in 1995 had the brilliant idea of putting a layer of newspaper under the tile and now that paper is being shredded by the kitties and spread throughout the house. Someday, hopefully before Christmas, the house will be clean once again. Actually, I’d settle for as clean as it was before the project started!


Please leave a message

I’m sorry, but the rational human being you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message and she will contact you as soon as her hormones aren’t playing Red Rover with her emotions. BEEEEEEEEEP!

(In other news, the Clomid worked!)

(In other, other news, my husband’s coat and only set of car keys were stolen from the student center while he was on campus today. Awesome. So not only are we out a (rather nice and warm) winter coat, we have to pay hundreds of dollars to get into our car and get replacement keys made all while working off our one working vehicle- mine- which is at my office, 15 miles from home, all day long)