On Making it Through

One of the first blogs I found about infertility/loss was Stirrup-queens.

Last week, Mel posted her annual “How to Get Through the Holidays” post, which I didn’t pay too much attention to at the time but after my mother-in-law’s call yesterday, I felt like I needed to revisit it. There was a huge, leg-drop of truth in the middle of the post:

“That for every holiday season that you enjoy and look forward to participating in, there is also a time in life where you dread all the reminders that come with a holiday season and wish you could avoid the whole thing. And this year may be that time for you, but it won’t always be that time for you. Things change; both for good and bad. This too shall pass”

Things won’t always be like this, as crap-tastic as I feel right now (blaming the meds!). I might be able to look forward to Christmas at some point, even though it might not be this year. I’m going to cling to that as hard as I can!


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