Day 40

Ok, this was really yesterday but I thought I owed an explanation of what all went down after I called the doc’s office earlier this week.

Back when I started taking Clomid in September, my OB told me to call the office if I didn’t get a BFP or a period by day 40.

Of course I didn’t. Isn’t that how things seem to go for me?

I called on day 37, knowing I hadn’t ovulated yet, which is a big warning sign. I told the nurse all that I knew (day 37, no ovulation, not pregnant, no period) and since the doc wasn’t in the office until day 38, she told me she’d call back the next day.

Sure enough, the nurse did call back toward the end of day 38. The OB told me he wanted me on Provera to induce a period, Clomid at 2x the strength as before (up to 100 mg from 50 mg) starting on day 40, if and only if, I have a negative pregnancy test.

Day 40 came with a BFN so I get to start popping Provera again. I took some last fall because my primary care doc was concerned about the amenohorrea. It did what it was supposed to do, which is some comfort. Day 1 of Provera was yesterday and I need to take it 10 consecutive days. Sometime either within those 10 days or shortly thereafter, I should get a period. On day 3 of that period, I start taking Clomid again.

My poor DH was put through all sorts of overly emotional/hormonal crap last month so his first comment after I told him the new plan of action was, “So, does twice the dose [of Clomid] mean twice as crazy?” I assured him that, of course, I would be twice as crazy but I love him anyway, no matter how he chooses to deal with my outbursts, tears and irrational feelings of all sorts.

I appreciate my OB and nursing staff for many reasons but right now, the number 1 reason I am grateful for them is that they are not willing to wait around for my body to cycle again either. Who knows what that would have been? It could have been as many as 6 months, which was totally not acceptable but not surprising considering my history.

For now, I don’t have to number days. I am in that no man’s land between “I don’t know” and “Starting over.”


One thought on “Day 40

  1. I’m glad to hear you found such a good Drs.’ office! And as strange as no man’s land might feel, (I can only imagine) at least get a small break from the intensity of it all. I’ll have a glass of wine for ya tonight 🙂

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