DH and I photographed a wedding in September for my boss’s daughter.

Today my boss told me that the girl announced to her family yesterday that she is pregnant.

As we close in on the 2 year mark of when we started TTC, I find that I have very little happiness to share with those announcing their pregnancy, especially the ones with surprise babies or in the first month of TTC.

I don’t want to be angry and bitter but I am very tired.


3 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. You’re definitely not alone. I sometimes feel that my heart gets so full of hate and jealously as if to say that I’m more deserving of such a blessing. Why can’t I do what they did on accident? It hurts sometimes but we have to keep our head up and remember that all these other couples or families aren’t starting families just to spite us. Are you on the message boards? The women on there are sooo helpful when it comes to letting you feel normal again.

  2. I completely understand. I have two friends who were married this summer and have announced they are expecting… it is so hard to deal with sometimes. Keep your head up!

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