One of the things I have noticed about the Clomid is the intense range of emotions I experience in any given period of time. Yesterday was no different. After spending quality time with DH, which is good for us, I started crying and couldn’t stop. Apparently, I was upset that even though we had spent time together, we hadn’t given ourselves a chance to make a baby. No sex = no baby I guess. Why I was upset about that was beyond me because I truly do love spending time with my husband.

Goodness gracious, Self. Pull yourself together!

In other news, we had a family reunion on Saturday with one of my moms siblings and grandparents. Mom must have told grandma about the miscarriage because she brought up in conversation that she lost 3 babies. I cannot fathom losing that many. I’m already a mess after one. I suppose it did help that they went on to raise 5 kids after the miscarriages.

It will happen for us, right?


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